Enzymatic Labeling

18O Labeling

Dr. Catherine Fenselau
University of Maryland

  • 18O Labeling

The incorporation of two 18O atoms into each C-terminus of peptides derived from proteolytic digestion of biological samples has emerged as one of the leading global labeling strategies used in comparative quantitative proteomics. The success of the technique is due in part to the relative low cost of 18O water, the resulting +4 Dalton mass increase in molecular weight for the “heavy” peptide, and co-elution of 18O/16O peptide pairs from reverse-phase HPLC.


Auclair, J.R.; Somasundaran, M.; Green, K.M. 2012Mass spectrometry tools for analysis of intermolecular interactions. Methods Mol Biol., 896:387-98PMID: 22821539

Andrew Percy, PhD

Andrew Percy, PhD

Senior Applications Chemist - Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Andrew Percy is the Senior Applications Chemist for Mass Spectrometry. His responsibilities minimally involve overseeing product development, identifying new product market opportunities, assisting in the analysis of products for MS ‘omics applications, and providing technical support to customers.