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SILAC AMINO ACIDS -  For a complete list of SILAC Kits and Reagents click here

Catalog No. CLM-2265-H  L-ARGININE:HCL (13C6, 99%)
Catalog No. CNLM-539  L-ARGININE:HCL (13C6, 99%; 15N4, 99%)
Catalog No. CLM-2247 
L-LYSINE:2HCL (13C6, 99%)
Catalog No. CNLM-291  L-LYSINE:2HCL (13C6, 99%; 15N2, 99%)
Catalog No. DLM-2640 
L-LYSINE:2HCL (4,4,5,5-D4, 96-98%)
Catalog No. DLM-2641 
L-LYSINE:2HCL (3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6-D8, 98%)





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