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Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. is pleased to present the CIL Research Grant Program. Economic conditions continue to restrict the scope and number of significant research projects. The CIL Research Grant Program can help overcome economic obstacles that limit valuable research funding.  

CIL is seeking proposals from researchers who have ideas for new applications, analytical methods, or novel experiments which contribute to scientific knowledge and understanding. This program represents the best example of cooperative research between private industry and the scientific community.

In order to be considered for a CIL grant, an online application must be submitted containing the following information:

1. Biographical sketch of principal investigator with the names and titles of all other researchers who will work with the labeled material (students, post docs, collaborators, etc.)

2. A complete description of compound(s) along with the quantity desired.

3. Projected timeline for completion of project.

4. Description of facility(ies) where the research will be carried out (synthesis, analysis, etc.)

5. A brief description of proposed research with the appropriate references (not more than 1,000 words)

6. Statement describing the value, novelty of approach, or benefits of the research.


The goal of the CIL Student Travel Award program is to assist students pursuing advanced training in the science fields. The CIL Student Travel Award would be used to help cover some cost for conference registration, housing, airfare and ground transportation. If you are accepted, CIL staff will be in contact to discuss what part of your travel you would like to use the award.

• travel award for students presenting their own original work, chairing a session, or leading a discussion at a major meeting or conference in which CIL is present

Please note that this is not a cash award; instead, the award will be used to reimburse the recipient for allowable expenses incurred. Recipients should keep all appropriate receipts and documentation and submit to CIL in order to receive travel award/reimbursement.

The applicant must be currently enrolled in a PhD program and may receive one Student Travel Award per academic year (July 1 through June 30).


Please read this announcement carefully and thoroughly. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Eligibility Requirements

Prospective CIL Student Travel Award applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

• Must be accepted to present a poster or oral presentation

NOTE: Cannot be a recipient of another travel award/grant, in the same academic year.


Complete CIL Student Travel Award Application

A complete CIL Student Travel Award application contains three (3) parts:

1.     Student Travel Award application submission (submit online, link above)

2.     Poster/Abstract submission (submit attachement via email to

3.     Recommendation letter (submit attachment via email to

All three (3) parts of the CIL Student Travel Award Application must be submitted no later than 8 weeks prior to the event. 

Part 1 - Student Travel Award Application Submission

Student Travel Award Submission Form

The following questions will be required to complete this part:

• Discuss your plans after you've completed degree

• Describe your reasons for attending the conference

• Discuss how you plan to utilize the knowledge and information gained by attending the conference and how you plan on helping others benefit from your participation.

• List any meetings you are planning to attend and/or will present your research within the next six months.

• Describe what you learned from meetings attended and what impact it has had on your academic and career planning.

•Describe your research project.


Part 2 – Abstract/Poster Submission

Email a PDF of your poster or abstract to

Part 3 - Recommendation Form

One recommendation letter by a mentor/supervisor or invitation to present by event is REQUIRED as part of your Student Travel Award application.

Review Criteria

All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the following criteria: (1) academic achievement; (2) research project; and (3) motivation to attend conference.


All applicants will receive an eNotification from CIL regarding the final status of their application after review criteria is complete.


Since its inception in 1993, the CIL Grant Program has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of 13C and deuterium-labeled compounds to researchers worldwide! 

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The CIL Research Program and Student Travel Award program can help fund research and assist students in the science fields. Learn more.