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Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) is dedicated to helping our customers improve efficiencies and maximize resources, and our D2O Recovery Program is designed to do just that. CIL has the unique ability to re-enrich D2O (deuterium oxide), which  allows us to recycle used or unused D2O.
We’ve recently improved the return process! Return your D2O and receive a credit* to be used toward a future purchase. 
If you currently have D2O you would like to return for a potential credit*, please complete and submit our D2O Recovery Program form or contact your customer service representative at 1.800.322.1174 (North America) or +1.978.749.8000 (international)
Use the form link below to submit your request.
*There is a 40% minimum enrichment requirement to take part in the D2O Recovery Program (please contact us to discuss the review of lower enrichments). Be advised there is a 10 kg minimum; a 25 g sample (from each container) must be sent to CIL for testing prior to return of the entire batch. The return batch must include the contact name, organization, accounting contact person, and the purchase order or account number to be credited. Any returns in excess of 100 kg require written approval prior to shipment. Please do not return any material without prior approval from CIL. After receipt of this form, CIL will contact you for additional discussion.
D2O Recovery Program