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Application Notes

Application Notes


Proteomics | Metabolic Research | Biomolecular NMR | Standards for Environmental Analysis





  QC and Quantitation Kits    
Translation and Implementation of PeptiQuant™ Plus Human Plasma BAK-270 Application Note 50  
  Metabolic Labeling    
Metabolic Isotopic Analysis Reveals Mitochondrial Loss of Function in pRb-Deficient Cells in vivo Application Note 45  
Analysis of Tyrosine Kinase Signaling in Human Cancer by Stable Isotope Labeling with Heavy Amino Acids in Mouse Xenografts Utilizing Mouse Express® Lysine 13C6 Mouse Feed Application Note 32  
Targeted LC-SRM/MS Quantification of Mammalian Synaptic Proteins with Mouse Express® Brain Tissue, a New Isotopically Labeled Proteome Standard Application Note 27  
Stable Isotope Labeling in Mammals with 15N Spirulina Application Note 24  
Metabolic Incorporation of Stable Isotope Labels into Glycans Application Note 23  
Stable Isotope Labeling in Proteomics Application Note 11  
  Chemical Tagging    
Individuality Normalization when Labeling with Isotopic Glycan Hydrazide Tags (INLIGHT™) Application Note 37  
The Use of Adenosine 5'-Triphosphate for the Unambiguous Identification of Phosphopeptides Application Note 17  
Specific Isotopic Labeling of Methyl Groups Has Extended the Molecular Weight Limits for NMR Studies of Protein Structure and Dynamics Application Note 16  
  Protein Expression    
 Full-Length Expressed Stable Isotope-Labeled Proteins for Quantification Application Note 40  
Stable Isotope Dimethyl Labeling Application Note 38  


Analysis of Whole-Body Branched-Chain Amino Acid Metabolism in Mice Utilizing 20% Leucine 13C6 and 20% Valine 13C5 Mouse Feed Application Note 43  

Fluxing Through Cancer: Tracking the Fate of 13C-Labeled Energy Sources Glucose and Glutamine in Cancer Cells and Mouse Tumors

Application Note 34


Tracing Lipid Disposition in vivo Using Stable Isotope-Labeled Fatty Acids and Mass Spectrometry

Application Note 31


Determination of Nitric Oxide Production and de novo Arginine Production with Stable Isotopes

Application Note 30


Determining Protein Turnover in Fish with D7-Leucine

Application Note 29 




From QC to Quantitation: Utility of QReSS™ Metabolites in FBS Measurements

Application Note 51


Standardizing Quantitative Metabolomics Analyses Through the QReSS™ Kit

Application Note 49


Organic Acid Quantitation in Mouse Muscle by Ion Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry with Isotopically Labeled Standards

Application Note 47


Thermo-CIL App Note Pathway Targeted Metabolomic Analysis in Oral-Head and Neck Cancer Cells Using IC-MS

Application Note 44





Biomolecular NMR


In situ Protein Expression

Cell-Free Protein Synthesis with 2H/15N/13C-Labeled Amino Acids in H2O for the Production of Perdeuterated Proteins with 1H in the Exchangeable Positions Application Note 36  
  In vivo Protein Expression    

Isotope Labeling of Alanine Methyl Groups on a Deuterated Background for NMR Studies of High-Molecular-Weight Proteins

Application Note 25  

[2,3-13C]-Labeled Aromatic Residues as a Means to Improving Signal Intensities and Kick-Starting the Assignment of Membrane Proteins by Solid-State MAS-NMR

Application Note 22  
Effective Site Specific Isotopic Labeling 15N, 13C Glycine; 15N, 13C Phenylalanine; 15N Tryptophan) Expression Optimization Using BioExpress® 2000 Media Application Note 20  
in vitro Protein Synthesis of Perdeuterated Proteins for NMR Studies Application Note 19  

Top Ten Tips for Producing 13C, 15N Protein in Abundance

Application Note 15   

Efficient Uniform Isotope Labeling of Proteins Expressed in Baculovirus-Infected Insect Cells Using BioExpress® 2000

Application Note 14  
Optimization of BioExpress Supplementation of M9 Cultures Application Note 12  
  Membrane Proteins    
Uniform Isotope Labeling of Eukaryotic Proteins in Methylotrophic Yeast for High-Resolution NMR Studies – Extension to Membrane Proteins Application Note 26  
  Selective Labeling    
Production of U-[2H], Thyr-γ2[13CH3] Labeled Proteins for Methyl-TROSY NMR Application Note 39  
Development of Hyperpolarized Metabolic Contrast Agents Using PASADENA Application Note 21  
  Methyl and Amino Acid Type Labeling    

Stereospecific Leu/Val Methyl Labeling: An Important Technology for NMR Studies of High-Molecular-Weight Complexes

Application Note 48



Standards for Environmental Analysis


 Ecotoxicology and Exposure Analysis


Human Biomonitoring: Attogram Level Sensitivity and Consequences for Analytical Standards Purity

Application Note 35  
   Other Misc.    
   Using Stable Isotopes to Solve Problems in Combinatorial Chemistry  Application Note 10  


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