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The Standard - July 2022

Potassium Bromate Additive – Potential Carcinogen in Packaged Baked Goods

Potassium bromate is an additive that has been used as a flour improver to strengthen dough, allow it to rise higher and give greater spring, as well as give an even white color when baked. While it may seem to have benefits with creating optimal dough for baking, potassium bromate has been identified as a probable carcinogen.1 As a result of these health concerns, the use of potassium bromate has been banned in Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Brazil. Use of potassium bromate in the United States remains widespread and legal and has not been reviewed by a regulatory agency for restriction of use. Examples of common packaged baked goods that may contain potassium bromate include breads, cookies, tortillas, buns, and pizza dough. CIL offers stable isotope-labeled and native potassium bromate standards, as well as potassium chlorate and perchloric acid standards.

Featured Products

Catalog No. Description Concentration Amount
OLM-8283-18O-1.2 Potassium bromate (18O3, 98%)  100 µg/mL in 18O water 1.2 mL
ULM-8451-1.2 Potassium bromate (unlabeled) 100 µg/mL in water 1.2 mL
OLM-10485-1.2 Potassium chlorate (18O3, 98%)  100 µg/mL in 18O water 1.2 mL
ULM-10486-1.2 Potassium chlorate (unlabeled) 100 µg/mL in 18O water 1.2 mL
OLM-7310-1.2 Perchloric acid, sodium salt (18O4, 90%+) 100 µg/mL in water 1.2 mL
ULM-7312-1.2 Perchloric acid, sodium salt (unlabeled) 100 µg/mL in water 1.2 mL


1.This cancer-causing chemical may be lurking in your bread. EWG News & Insights. 04 May 2022.

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