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Corporate Overview

The Standard - July 2022

New 13C12-6PPD-Quinone Standard for Enhanced Analysis

6PPD-quinone first became of interest in 2020 when a report linked it to causing Coho salmon deaths when exposed to high levels.1 6PPD-quinone is an ozonation byproduct of the rubber tire additive 6PPD, which is widely used to protect rubber tires from wear. Since the initial reports of toxicity in 2020, several studies from various parts of the world have identified significant concentrations of 6PPD-quinone, and further work is being done to determine potential toxicity to other species of fish and aquatic life. CIL initially developed a phenyl-13C6-labeled standard in 2021 to assist researchers with their testing needs and has most recently added a new 13C12-labeled standard to its product offerings. The two labeling options can be used in combination to offer further improvement of precision for quantitative analysis.

Featured Products

Catalog No. Description Concentration Amount
CLM-11290-1.2 6PPD-Quinone (ring-13C12, 99%)  100 µg/mL in acetonitrile 1.2 mL
CLM-12293-1.2 6PPD-Quinone (phenyl-13C6, 99%) 100 µg/mL in acetonitrile 1.2 mL
ULM-12288-1.2 6PPD-Quinone (unlabeled)  100 µg/mL in acetonitrile 1.2 mL



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