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Corporate Overview

The Standard - December 2021

‘Isotope’ – It May be Our Middle Name, but it is not Our Only Business

CIL’s environmental product line is regularly expanding and updating to meet customer needs, with a current inventory of approximately 3,700 different products, including options as single-component formulated standards as well as multi-component mixtures. While CIL started out making strictly "environmental” contaminant standards, the scope of the offerings has expanded to include products for food, water, and exposure analysis. Of the 3,700 products in the portfolio, it might be interesting to note that some 1,100 are native or “unlabeled” products.

Many of these native standards were developed for use internally in CIL’s rigorous QC testing protocols, but the vision for the development and growth of several product lines was not just from CIL. It was the result of collaborations with customers worldwide over the last 40 years where gaps in quality commercially available native standards were identified, and CIL stepped in to meet the needs of those researchers. While our focus is still on stable isotope-labeled compounds for use in isotope dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS) methods, especially for samples at trace and ultratrace levels in complex matrices, the need for high-quality native standards is equally important for robust and accurate testing results. Please visit our website at to explore the wide variety of products CIL offers.

CIL encourages researchers to submit ideas for new products, both stable isotope-labeled and native, to continue pushing back the frontiers of quantitative analysis. Custom requests can be submitted by filling out our online form, accessed here.

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