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Corporate Overview

The Standard – October 2015

The Isotope Gateway

The primary purpose of presenting a scientific poster at a conference or workshop is to allow and encourage direct discourse between peers so that existing research goals can better be met and perhaps new ones developed. Certainly, preparing and presenting a scientific poster is an important step of any graduate or post-doctoral student's career. CIL recognizes the importance of scientific posters as a tool to disperse scientific knowledge and appreciates the effort involved in creating them. Unfortunately, posters at a meeting are typically only available for viewing for a short time. This is one reason why CIL has established the Isotope Gateway.

CIL’s Isotope Gateway was created to give access to a broad collection of scientific posters and a bibliography of published scientific papers, all of which describe work utilizing stable isotope-labeled compounds. CIL is the world leader in development of new, and often unique, isotopically labeled standards to assist researchers with various analytical challenges. We believe the Isotope Gateway will allow researchers to investigate ways to resolve analytical challenges by reviewing papers and discussions of those that may have already worked out those issues. As our database of posters and papers fills, the Isotope Gateway becomes a focal point of analytical references specifically related to the use of stable isotope-labeled standards. 

To Submit a Poster 

1. Please send a PDF of your poster to The poster must describe the utilization of stable isotope-labeled compounds in a research application. 

2. You will be sent a confirmation email and a permission waiver to sign if your poster has been approved to be included in the poster archive.

To Submit a Literature Reference 

1. Please e-mail your literature reference to Include an open-access PDF version of the paper. The submitter of the reference must be listed as an author, and the paper must describe the use of a stable isotope. 

2. You will be sent a confirmation email if the literature reference has been accepted into the bibliography.

Be Rewarded!

If your poster or literature reference submission has been reviewed and approved and either mentions CIL stable isotopes and/or shows the CIL logo you will receive a CIL fleece jacket as a thank you from us! Stay tuned for future incentives!


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