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The Standard – June 2013

CIL’s New “Stable Isotopes for Mass Spectrometry” Catalog

It is with great pride that we present Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.’s (CIL) new “Stable Isotopes for Mass Spectrometry” catalog. In this catalog, you will find a comprehensive listing of our isotope-enriched products that can be utilized for a wide range of mass spectrometry-based fields of research. While most readers of this newsletter will be interested in standards for the analysis of environmental contaminants, the catalog has a strong focus on the use of MS in the study of proteomics, metabolism, metabolomics, and clinical diagnostics.
Complementing the extensive product listing are contributions written from some of the world¹s most prominent mass spectrometrists, biochemists and research scientists. We are delighted to showcase application notes, customer perspectives, and testimonials from many leaders in the field, illustrating the utility of stable isotopes. We would like to thank and show our appreciation to the many researchers who have contributed to this catalog. Please see page 163 of the catalog for a complete list of contributors.
CIL continues to maintain a leadership role in developing new products to study environmental contaminants. It has been through our partnerships and close relationships with our customers over the past 30 years that we have been able to significantly expand our product offering in order to assist this community in the advancement of their studies utilizing stable isotope-labeled compounds as a tool in mass spectrometry. We welcome suggestions from our customers for new products, which will advance their research.
Our business is stable isotopes, but our focus is you, the customer. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partner with you since 1981. You have truly made our success possible.
To use the web-based, searchable PDF version of the catalog, please click on the following link: Stable Isotopes for Mass Spectrometry.






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