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The Standard – June 2012

EPA Perchlorate Regulations

Recently, the United States Environmental Protection Agency decided to regulate perchlorate under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Recent research has shown perchlorate to have potential endocrine disrupting effects in humans, with possible effects on the thyroid. Given perchlorate levels in water, the EPA has determined that there is an opportunity for health risk due to perchlorate levels.

Perchlorate in various forms is a pervasive compound. Ammonium perchlorate is used as a fuel for rockets, fireworks, flares and explosives. Lithium perchlorate is used as an electrolyte in certain batteries. Potassium perchlorate is used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism. Perchlorate can also be present in bleach and in some fertilizers. The US EPA has information on perchlorate available here.

EPA has made the decision to submit perchlorate for regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). This decision considers input from public comments on multiple public notices (May 2007, October 2008, and August 2009) related to perchlorate. At current time, the EPA has not imposed any regulations on perchlorate levels in drinking water, but begins the procedure to establish primary drinking water regulations.

In response to the analytical community for isotopically labeled standards for drinking water analysis, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories has had a perchlorate standard available in the sodium salt form. We have both an 18O-labeled and unlabeled standards available, as well as many other standards for analysis of chemicals also found in drinking water.


OLM-7310-1.2 Perchloric acid, sodium salt (18O4, 90%+)
100 µg/mL in water     
1.2 mL  
ULM-7312-1.2  Perchloric acid, sodium salt (unlabeled)
100 µg/mL in water      
1.2 mL  









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