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Corporate Overview

The Standard – December 2010

CIL's 2010 Environmental Contaminant Standards Catalog is now available!

The CIL 2010 Environmental Contaminant Standards catalog is now available in both print and electronic forms! With over 1200 new products, this catalog represents the greatest increase of standard offerings we’ve ever introduced. From new standards for analysis of legacy POPs such as dioxins, PCBs, and Pesticides, to emerging contaminants such as Perfluorinated compounds, BFRs, PPCPs and more, you’ll find the most comprehensive listing of isotopically labeled and unlabeled compounds for environmental pollutant analysis. 

As new technologies and methodologies advance, CIL maintains a leadership role in developing new standards and standard mixtures to keep pace with, and even to allow for, these new procedures. In this catalog you will find many new products developed for use not only in GC/MS applications, but also in LC/MS methods that are rapidly becoming an integral part of the environmental testing laboratory. Also, as new policies and restrictions on certain chemicals come into force, CIL meets the demand for new standards and standard mixtures to increase the efficiency of laboratories’ prep operations.

Here are some of the new and exciting things you’ll find in the 2010 catalog:
• Dioxin, PCB, BDE, PAH, Pesticide, and other Priority Pollutant Cocktails
• Matrix PE Reference Materials
• “High Purity” PCB standards
• Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product (PPCP) standards
• Food and Drinking Water Contaminant standards
• Perfluorinated Compound standards
• Phthalate and Phthalate Metabolite standards
•  Steroid and Hormone standards
• Pesticides and Pesticide Metabolite standards
• Toxaphene standards and standard mixtures
• POPs Pesticides cocktails, including comprehensive “Stockholm Convention” mixes
• Both product name and catalog number indices

The Introduction section of the new catalog includes important information regarding ordering, requesting quotes, production and quality processes, packaging and shipping details, and much more. Take a moment to review these important details, and while you’re at it check out our company information too. Did you know that CIL owns our own 13C- and 18O- separation facility? Did you know we have satellite operations in France, Canada, Germany, and California? Are you aware of our Grant Sponsorship program? There’s a wealth of information available to give the “big picture” about CIL.


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