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The Standard – August 2018

Dicamba and Metabolites

As more weeds become resistant to glyphosate, herbicide manufacturers have turned to producing alternate herbicides such as dicamba (3,6-dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid). Dicamba targets broadleaf weeds and functions by supplementing the plant growth rate to a point where the plant outgrows the nutrient supply and dies. Dicamba-resistant crops of cotton, soybeans, and other broadleaf plants have been produced to allow for the use of the herbicide without impacting the integrity of the crop. With increased use of dicamba, concern has been raised about the negative impact on non-resistant crops that are affected by dicamba that has drifted from spray zones. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has implemented protocols for the 2018 growing season to minimize spray-drift occurrence and has outlined proper application procedures for dicamba. Additional information regarding these requirements can be accessed here.

CIL has produced labeled and native standards of dicamba, as well as three common metabolites: 2-methoxy-3,6-dichloro-5-hydroxybenzoic acid, 3,6-dichlorosalicylic acid (DCSA), and 3,6-dichlorogentisic acid (DCGA). These new standards supplement our extensive list of native and labeled herbicide standards.

Dicamba and metabolite structure


Featured Products

Catalog No. Description Concentration Amount
CLM-9914-1.2 Dicamba (ring-13C6, 99%) 100 µg/mL in methanol 1.2mL
ULM-9911-1.2 Dicamba (unlabeled) 100 µg/mL in methanol 1.2mL


Related Products

Catalog No. Description Concentration Amount
CLM-9915-1.2 2-Methoxy-3,6-dichloro-5-hydroxybenzoic acid (ring-13C6, 99%) 100 µg/mL in methanol 1.2mL
ULM-9912-1.2 2-Methoxy-3,6-dichloro-5-hydroxybenzoic acid (unlabeled) 100 µg/mL in methanol 1.2mL
CLM-9916-1.2 3,6-Dichlorosalicylic acid (DCSA) (ring-13C6, 99%) 100 µg/mL in methanol 1.2mL
ULM-9910-1.2 3,6-Dichlorosalicylic acid (DCSA) (unlabeled) 100 µg/mL in methanol 1.2mL
CLM-9917-1.2 3,6-Dichlorogentisic acid (DCGA) (ring-13C6, 99%) 100 µg/mL in methanol 1.2mL
ULM-9913-1.2 3,6-Dichlorogentisic acid (DCGA) (unlabeled) 100 µg/mL in methanol 1.2mL


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