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IsoTopics™ - May 2019

Assessment of NAD+ metabolism in human cell cultures, erythrocytes, cerebrospinal fluid and primate skeletal muscle

Demarest, T.G.; Truong, G.T.D.; Lovett, J.; et al.

Given the importance of the NAD+ metabolome in aging and cellular health, Demarest et al. developed a novel isotope dilution mass spectrometry method (utilizing HILIC-MRM/MS) for their quantification in a range of biosamples (ranging from cultured cells to clinical tissues).
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Mitochondrial fusion supports increased oxidative phosphorylation during cell proliferation
Yao, C.H.; Wang, R.; Wang, Y.; et al.
In an effort to better understand the Warburg effect (or aerobic glycolysis) in relation to the metabolic requirements of cell proliferation, Yao et al. applied a model where proliferation could be turned on and off. 
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Essential amino acid-enriched meal replacement promotes superior net protein balance in older, overweight adults
Coker, R.H.; Shin, K.; Scholten, K.; et al.
To help reduce muscle atrophy and sarcopenia in older adults, Coker et al. developed an essential amino acid-enriched meal replacement (EMR). 
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Traceability to a primary reference measurement procedure (ID-LCMS): a key step in validating the clinical accuracy and safety of hospital blood glucose monitoring systems

Wang, Y.; Hu, X.; Tang, J.; et al.

Considering the negative impact of clinically inaccurate blood glucose monitoring systems (BGMS), Wang and colleagues conducted a metrological traceability study of their isotope dilution MS (IDMS) method with subsequent comparison to reference and hospital methods for glucose measurement.

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NMR and MS-based stable isotope-resolved metabolomics and applications in cancer metabolism
Lane, A.N.; Higashi, R.M.; Fan, T.W.
In this article, Lane et al. reviews the stable isotope resolved metabolomic (SIRM) methods for cancer metabolism studies.
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