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IsoTopics™ – November 2015

A Roadmap for Interpreting 13C Metabolite Labeling Patterns from Cells

Looking to increase the data quality and output of your 13C tracer study? This paper reviews key aspects of experimental design and data interpretation when utilizing 13C labeled tracers to interrogate cellular metabolism. Topics include: a comparison of metabolic steady state and isotopic steady state, labeling patterns of metabolites and cellular compartments, and labeling for steady state and dynamic studies.  


Measuring intracellular metabolism has increasingly led to important insights in biomedical research. 13C tracer analysis, although less information-rich than quantitative 13C flux analysis that requires computational data integration, has been established as a time-efficient method to unravel relative pathway activities, qualitative changes in pathway contributions, and nutrient contributions. Here, we review selected key issues in interpreting 13C metabolite labeling patterns, with the goal of drawing accurate conclusions from steady state and dynamic stable isotopic tracer experiments.

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Authors: Buescher JM1Antoniewicz MR2Boros LG3Burgess SC4Brunengraber H5Clish CB6DeBerardinis RJ7Feron O8Frezza C9Ghesquiere B1Gottlieb E10,Hiller K11Jones RG12Kamphorst JJ13Kibbey RG14Kimmelman AC15Locasale JW16Lunt SY17Maddocks OD10Malloy C18Metallo CM19Meuillet EJ20,Munger J21Nöh K22Rabinowitz JD23Ralser M24Sauer U25Stephanopoulos G26St-Pierre J27Tennant DA28Wittmann C29Vander Heiden MG30,Vazquez A10Vousden K10Young JD31Zamboni N25Fendt SM32.



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