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Corporate Overview

IsoTopics™ – May 2020

TMTpro: Design, synthesis, and initial evaluation of a proline-based isobaric 16-plex tandem mass tag reagent set

Thompson, A.; Wölmer, N.; Koncarevic, S.; et al.

Isobaric tagging has become an established tool in quantitative mass spectrometry for an array of proteomic-driven applications. Given the demands for increased multiplexing, new isobaric peptide tagging reagents were developed. 

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Domain-specific quantification of prion protein in cerebrospinal fluid by targeted mass spectrometry

Minikel, E.V.; Kuhn, E.; Cocco, A.R.; et al.

Accurate and reliable quantitation of prion protein (PrP) is necessary in prion disease therapeutics. Considering the potential challenges of current quantitative methods (e.g., inability to capture protein fragments), Carr and colleagues developed an alternative approach. 

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A novel stable isotope tracer method to simultaneously quantify skeletal muscle protein synthesis and breakdown

Crossland, H.; Smith, K.; Atherton, P.J.; et al.

The measurement of muscle protein synthesis/breakdown rates in a single experiment using a stable isotope tracer method has proven to be a considerable design challenge over the years. 

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Impact of enteral arginine supplementation on lysine metabolism in humans: A proof-of-concept for lysine-related inborn errors of metabolism

Schmidt, Z.; Murthy, G.; Ennis, M.; et al.

Standard treatments for inborn errors of metabolism affecting catabolic pathways of essential amino acids involve dietary restriction or modification with supplements. This is the case for pyridoxine dependent epilepsy (PDE) where Lys is restricted in the diet. Arginine has been suggested as a supplement, because it competes with Lys for transport across tissues. 

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Identification of bioactive metabolites using activity metabolomics

Rinschen, M.M.; Ivanisevic, J,; Giera, M.; et al.

The field of metabolic MS research has evolved over the past decade in its breadth and scope of study. This has progressed from biomarker-driven exercises to biological process studies involving a metabolomics-centric or multi-omics based approach. 

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