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Corporate Overview

COVID-19 Research

CIL offers a wide range of isotope labeled reagents to support COVID-19 research.
Individual Products:
Ammonium Chloride (15N, 99%) –NLM-467
Choline Chloride (trimethyl-D9, 98%) - DLM-549
Creatinine (n-methyl-D3, 98%) - DLM-3653
L-Dopa (1-13C) - CLM-7401
L-Dopa (ring-D3, 98%) - DLM-2084
Glucose (U-13C6) - CLM-1396
Alpha-ketoisovaleric acid, sodium salt (dimethyl-13C2, 99%) - CLM-6821
Set of 4 2'-Ribonucleoside 5'-Triphosphates (U-13C, U-15N, 98-99%) - CNLM-7503-CA
Set of 4 2'-Ribonucleoside 5'-Triphosphates (U-15N, 98%) - NLM-7519-CA

Through partnership with Alsachim, CIL is proud to now offer an assortment of antiviral drug standards and metabolites, in their stable isotope-labeled and unlabeled form. These compounds are available in 1 mg units and are adept for use as internal standards in therapeutic monitoring and quantitative analysis exercises. These products can only be sold through CIL in North and South America.

Azithromycin (13C, 99%; D3, 98%) - C1768
Azithromycin dihydrate (unlabeled) - C1746
Chloroquine oxalate salt (D5, 98%) - C5023
Chloroquine diphosphate salt (unlabeled) - C1741
Desethylchloroquine dioxalate salt (D5, 98%) - C2453
Desethylchloroquine diphosphate salt (unlabeled) - C2331
Favipiravir (13C, 99%; 15N, 98%) - C8853
Favipiravir (unlabeled) - C8720
Hydroxychloroquine dioxalate salt (D5, 98%) - C6422
Hydroxychloroquine sulfate (unlabeled) - C4600
Lopinavir (D8, 98%) - C4693
Lopinavir (unlabeled) - C2745
Nafamostat formate salt (13C6, 99%) - C8849
Nafamostat mesylate (unlabeled) - C8848
Remdesivir (pure isomer) (ring-13C6, 99%) - C8845
Remdesivir (mixture of diastereoisomers) (ring-13C6, 99%) - C8854
Remdesivir (unlabeled) - C8799
GS 441524 (13C5, 99%) - C8855
GS 441524 (unlabeled) - C8847
Ritonavir (13C, 99%, D3, 98%) - C2963
Ritonavir (unlabeled) - C2792

Product Categories:
Amino Acids - Free & Protected
Deuterated Reagents
Drug Standards
α-Keto Acids
Minimal Media Reagents for Protein Expression
Nucleic Acids
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COVID-19 Research
CIL offers a wide range of isotope labeled reagents to support COVID-19 research.