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Biomolecular NMR

Ubiquitin (NEX-UB1)

NEX-UB1 is a small 8.8 kDa monomeric protein for which multiple sets of resonance assignments (BMRB database) and 3D structures (PDB database) are publicly available. This protein standard is uniformly 15N, 13C-enriched. Ubiquitin has been used as an industry-wide standard in the protein NMR field for many years.

NEX-UB1 sample formulation: 

NEX-UB1: Uniformly 15N, 13C-labeled ubiquitin in 90% H2O; 10% D2O 10 mM sodium phosphate buffer, pH 6.5

Ubiquitin (Human)

Catalog No. Label
NEX-UB1-U unlabeled 
NEX-UB1-N (15N, 95%) 
NEX-UB1-CN-5 ( 13C, 5%; 15N, 95%) 
NEX-UB1-CN (13C, 95%; 15N, 95%) 
NEX-UB1-CDN (13C, 95%; D, 95%; 15N, 95%)
NEX-UB1-ILV ( 13C, 95%; D, 95%; 15N, 95%; 13CH3 -ILV)
NEX-UB1-ILVFY ( 13C, 95%; D, 95%; 15N, 95%; 13CH3 -ILVFY)


His-Ubiquitin (Human)

Cataog No. Label
NEX-UB1-HIS-U unlabeled
NEX-UB1-HIS-N ( 15N, 95%)
NEX-UB1-HIS-5 ( 13C, 5%; 15N, 95%)
NEX-UB1-HIS-CN (13C, 95%; 15N, 95%)
 NEX-UB1-HIS-CDN (13C, 95%; D, 95%; 15N, 95%)
 NEX-UB1-HIS-ILV (13C, 95%; D, 95%; 15N, 95%; 13CH3 -ILV) 
 NEX-UB1-HIS-ILVFY (13C, 95%; D, 95%; 15N, 95%; 13CH3 -ILVFY)



Protein Sequence after TEV Cleavage
Protein Sequence before TEV Cleavage