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QC and Quantitation Kits

To help expedite quality control (QC) and quantitation in proteomics, CIL offers a number of off-the-shelf kits. In general, the QC kits are designed to evaluate the performance of the LC-MS platform, either alone or in combination with the analytical workflow. The quantitation kits enable proteins to be measured in an absolute or relative manner using various bottom-up LC-MS methodologies and quantitation strategies. Each kit is described and referenced on its associated page.

PeptiQuant™ Plus Kits

PeptiQuant™ Plus Kits

Researchers in academia and life science industries continue to adopt a targeted, bottom-up MS-based proteomic workflow for biomarker discovery and validation. Biomarker validation requires absolute quantification of surrogate peptides in the sample matrix, a requirement that is best achieved using stable isotope-labeled standard (SIS) peptides. Read more.