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Standards for Environmental Analysis

Pesticide Analysis

Atrazine and Atrazine Metabolites

Atrazine is one of the most commonly used agricultural herbicides in the world, with high efficacy for killing broadleaf and grassy weeds. While cheap and effective, its potential harm to human health and the environment has led to increased scrutiny in the United States. Atrazine was banned from use in the European Union in 2004 due to persistent groundwater contamination. With primary concern coming from atrazine in drinking-water supplies, analytical accuracy at even ppb levels is of paramount concern. Click here for full article.

  • Atrazine and Atrazine Metabolites
  • CIL Continues Development of Toxaphene Congener Standards

Whether you are testing legacy organochlorine pesticides or newer pyrethroid pesticides, CIL is your supplier for isotopically labeled standards. Over the years, we have developed standards for OCs, OPs, carbamates, triazines, pyrethroids, and most recently, toxaphene parlar congeners. CIL also offers convenient calibration and spiking mixtures so that lab personnel are not tasked with formulating and QCing large sets of standard solutions.

Ben Priest

Ben Priest

Business Development Manager – Environmental Products

Ben Priest currently holds the position of Business Development Manager – Environmental Standards, where he is responsible for development of stable isotope labeled standards and standard mixtures to meet requirements of researchers, regulatory agencies and commercial testing laboratories worldwide. He is also responsible for development of key partnerships to develop standards for analysis of environmental, food, water, and human exposure samples.