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Glycan Standards

Glycan Standards for Microarrays and the Identification/Quantification of Glycans

  • Glycan Standards for Microarrays and the Identification/Quantification of Glycans
  • Metabolic Incorporation of Stable Isotope Labels into Glycans (Application Note 23)
Glycan Standards
The glycan standards available are in 13C6-labeled and unlabeled forms. These encompass a broad range of categories (e.g., N-linked, O-linked, and fucosylated) and have been highly characterized using a number of analytical techniques (e.g., 1H NMR and ESI-MS). The standards are supplied as purified powders in 500 pmol quantities (alternate quantities available upon request) and can be used for a variety of applications (e.g., health and disease assessment).
Common Symbol Nomenclature for Unlabeled Monosaccharides:
Note: Labeled monosaccharide symbols (e.g.,13C6 galactose) contain a black asterisk. 



  Glycan Standards and Glycan Quantitation Kit

  Glycan Standards for Microarrays and the Identification/Quantifcation of Glycans

  Stable Isotope Standards for Mass Spectrometry


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the symbol nomenclature for denoting glycans in chemical structures?

The symbols adhere to the modified IUPAC nomenclature, as recommended by the glycomics consortium network. This defines the sugar type and its isomers. The representations of common monosaccharides and linkages are shown above (as illustrated in the "Essentials of Glycobiology" reference below).

How many labeled/unlabeled glycan pairs do you offer?

Our current inventory is 11 pairs, but please inquire if a corresponding analogue of an existing standard is required or a certain new pair is of interest.

How many N-glycan standards do you offer?

We currently offer 32 N-linked glycans. Please inquire for the availability of other N-glycans.

What is the recommended reconstitution condition for the glycans?

The glycans can be solubilized in water or a buffered solution to the desired concentration. General precautions should be adhered to (i.e., mix well and spin before opening, aliquot if needed, store at ≤-20°C if in solution, avoid repeated freeze-thaws).

Can alternate glycans be made available upon request?

Yes, provided they can be synthesized through enzymatic and/or chemical means. Please submit your request to your local sales representative/distributor or complete the on-line custom synthesis form. Required is the structure(s), desired quantities, and labeling pattern(s) (if applicable). We will contact you shortly thereafter regarding its feasibility.



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Andrew Percy, PhD

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