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Mass Spectrometry


“Over the past decade, there have been vast improvements in the detection and quantification of proteins, metabolites and potential biomarkers using mass spectrometry-based methodologies. Advances in bioinformatics and instrumentation, combined with the use of stable isotopes, have furthered the development, sensitivity and accuracy of quantitative methods.
CIL offers a comprehensive listing of our isotope-enriched products that can be utilized for a wide range of mass spectrometry-based fields of research, including proteomics, metabolism, metabolic, clinical diagnostics and environmental analysis.
CIL continues to maintain a leadership role in developing new products to study proteins, protein turnover, metabolic disorders and environmental contaminants. It has been through our partnerships and close relationships with our customers over the past 30 years that we have been able to significantly expand our product offering in order to assist this community in the advancement of their studies utilizing stable-isotope-labeled compounds as a tool in mass spectrometry.” 
Proteomics Metabolic Research
Environmental Analysis Clinical


Mass Spectrometry Isotopes | Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
CIL’s comprehensive list of isotopes and isotope-enriched products can be utilized for a wide range of mass spectrometry-based research. Learn more.