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Sponsored by Thermo Fisher

Credentialing Features to Benchmark Metabolomic Methods and Technologies
Gary Patti, PhD, Associate Professor, Washington University
Participants wil learn:
  • Understand necessary components of a successful MS-based Metablomics experiment
  • Learn technologies that improve throughput of identifications
    and as well as characterize the pathway, function, and localization of metabolites
  • Discover a new benchmarking approach, called credentialin, for removal of artifactual features



Sponsored by Agilent

Significance, and Application of Standardized Kits for Quantitative Proteomic Studies
Andrew J. Percy, PhD, Senior Applications Chemist - Mass Spectrometry, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, takes us through the following topics:
  • Method development
    - Overview
    - Target selection
    - Significance of standards
    - Workflow and examples
  • Quantitative proteomic kits
    - Products - PeptiQuant™ and ProteusQC™
    - Utility
    - Applications

Stable Isotope-Labeled Standard Peptides for Precise, Robust and Sensitive Quantitation of Multiple Proteins in Biospecimens Using PeptiQuant™ LC-MRM/MS Assay Kits.

Christoph Borchers, PhD, Director of UVic Genome BC Proteomics Centre, takes us through the following topics: 

  • Applications of multiple-reaction monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry
  • Systematic development of MRM assays
  • Key advantages of MRM assays






INLIGHT™, An Innovative Technology for the Relative Quantification of N-Linked Glycans by Mass Spectrometry.
David C. Muddiman, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, North Carolina State University,  takes us through the following topics: 
  • Background on Glycans
  • The Isomer Barrier
  • Ionization Methods and Mass Analyzers
  • Chemical Tagging
  • Separation Modes
  • and Future Directions

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