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NMR is Good 2017

January 6, 2017



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SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED - Thank you for your interest in the NMR IS GOOD Contest. Submissions are now closed. We will be posting all those submitted soon and voting will open up on Monday March 27th. Thank you to all that have submitted. 

Submit your favorite NMR spectrum to be showcased at ENC 2017 as NMR is science or as NMR is art. You could win your choice of a $500 travel stipend or $500 worth of CIL product.

Everyone who enters will receive their choice of a CIL T-shirt, hat or water bottle!


First and second prizes will be awarded for each category.

First Place: $500 travel stipend or CIL product

Second Place: $250 travel stipend or CIL product


Conditions for Submission 
1. The spectrum must have been acquired (independently or in conjunction with others) by the person submitting the image.

2. Two-spectra maximum may be submitted by any one individual. Each spectrum must be submitted separately. 

3. Submissions can be of almost anything as long as some spectral data is present.

4. Images should be high-resolution and in either TIFF, JPEG or PDF format.

5.  The following information is required:
     a)  Name
     b)  Name of institution where spectrum was acquired 
     c)  Brief sample description 
     d)  Year spectrum was acquired (no time limit)
     e)  Field strength 
     f)   Reason you are submitting the spectrum (e.g., scientific merit, challenge in peparing sample, aesthetics, etc.)

6. Submissions must be made by March 15, 2017.




All entries will be showcased at CIL’s hospitality suite at ENC 2017 in Asilomar CA. 

Voting will open on Monday, March 27, 2017 and close Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 10:00 pm EST. 

Voting will take place at CIL's hospitality suite and online for worldwide voting. 



The submissions receiving the most votes will win. First- and second-place prizes will be awarded. 

The first-place winner will receive their choice of a $500 travel stipend or $500 worth of CIL product. 

The second-place winner will receive their choice of a $250 travel stipend or $250 worth of CIL product. 

The winners will be announced at CIL's hospitality suite on the evening of March 29 and will be posted on the CIL website March 30.

Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2017, so don’t wait to submit!



The following is a sample submission:

Name: Kevin Millis
Name of lab and institution where acquired: Rabenstein Lab, UCR
Year acquired: 1992
Brief sample description: Thioltransferase and GSH/GSSG in D2O, pD 7 
Field strength (e.g., 400 MHz):
 500 MHz
Why is this your favorite spectrum? The chemical exchange was just fast enough to see line-broadening in the GSSG cysteinyl methylene proton resonances. Line-broadening can be a beautiful thing as it allowed me to calculate a pseudo first-order rate constant.
Additional comments: I rode my bike several miles to a butcher’s shop to get the fresh pig liver that I used to isolate the enzyme. It took 3 days and 11 chromatography steps to get purified enzyme.
Attach file here:











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