Standards for Environmental Analysis

Water (Ground, Waste, and Drinking) Testing

EPA Perchlorate Regulations

Recently, the US EPA decided to regulate perchlorate under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Recent research has shown perchlorate to have potential endocrine-disrupting effects in humans, with possible effects on the thyroid. Given perchlorate levels in water, the EPA has determined that there is an opportunity for health risk due to perchlorate levels.  Click here for full article.  

  • EPA Perchlorate Regulations
  • EPA Targets Cancer-Causing Contaminants
  • EPA Takes Action on Chemicals Used in Dyes, Flame Retardants and Industrial Detergents

CIL develops analytical standards for emerging environmental contaminants such as pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs), perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) and many others that can be found in surface, ground and drinking waters, as well as wastewater discharge. Initiatives such as the EU Water Framework Directive and US EPA Safe Drinking Water Act provide scope and direction for analytical methods and standards.

Ben Priest

Ben Priest

Business Development Manager – Environmental Products

Ben Priest currently holds the position of Business Development Manager – Environmental Standards, where he is responsible for development of stable isotope labeled standards and standard mixtures to meet requirements of researchers, regulatory agencies and commercial testing laboratories worldwide. He is also responsible for development of key partnerships to develop standards for analysis of environmental, food, water, and human exposure samples.