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New Cod Liver Oil Interlab Study Results

Recently, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. organized an international interlaboratory study on two cod liver oil reference materials, one spiked with known amounts of chlorinated dioxins, furans and PCBs and one clean standard. Results from participating laboratories have been received and processed, and consensus values for several classes of environmental pollutants have been assigned. Click here for full article.  


  • New Cod Liver Oil Interlab Study Results

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. has organized international Interlaboratory studies to develop consensus values for a wide variety of matrices. Laboratories can use these certified reference materials to assess proficiency in detecting a wide variety of contaminants. Leading academic, commercial and governmental laboratories have contributed to the certified values of compounds in each reference material. Dioxins, furans, PCBs, flame retardants and POPs are some of the contaminants for which there are certified values.

Ben Priest

Ben Priest

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