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Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products

Emerging Contaminants in the Great Lakes

Recent analysis of data collected over a 10-year period in the Great Lakes indicates the presence of numerous different types of chemical compounds. From pharmaceuticals and personal care products to pesticides, plasticizers to flame retardants, many different chemicals used in daily life are finding their way to the flora and fauna of the Great Lakes, with implications on the ecosystem and resultant call for regulations. Click here for full article.

  • Emerging Contaminants in the Great Lakes
  • Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs)Available from Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.

Drugs used to treat various medical conditions, insect repellents, and sunscreen all have one thing in common: they serve as unique markers for the human footprint. When these items are used, some wind up in watersheds, water tables, soil and other downstream areas; often they can be concentrated and add to the total exposure profile of the target community. Analyzing samples for pharmaceutical and personal care products helps to identify environmental contaminants that do not originate in the traditional industrial, agricultural or commercial settings.

Ben Priest

Ben Priest

Business Development Manager – Environmental Products

Ben Priest currently holds the position of Business Development Manager – Environmental Standards, where he is responsible for development of stable isotope labeled standards and standard mixtures to meet requirements of researchers, regulatory agencies and commercial testing laboratories worldwide. He is also responsible for development of key partnerships to develop standards for analysis of environmental, food, water, and human exposure samples.