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Metabolic Research


Cellular Metabolism and Metabolomics

Joshua D. Rabinowitz, PhD
Department of Chemistry, Princeton University

  • Cellular Metabolism and Metabolomics
  • Analysis of Whole-Body Branched-Chain Amino Acid Metabolism in Mice Utilizing 20% Leucine 13C6 and 20% Valine 13C5 Mouse Feed (Application Note 43)
  • Fluxing Through Cancer: Tracking the Fate of 13C-Labeled Energy Sources Glucose and Glutamine in Cancer Cells and Mouse Tumors (Application Note 34)
  • Procedures for Large-scale Metabolic Profiling of Serum and Plasma Using GC and LC Coupled to Mass Spec

Metabolomics, or the study of biochemical processes involving metabolites, is a relatively new, yet increasingly growing field of research. The use of stable isotopes as internal standards, combined with mass spectrometry in metabolomics, allows researchers to identify and quantify metabolites in a given biological sample. This information is invaluable to understanding the physiology of an organism and/or its response to a drug, a change in its environment, or other external stimuli.


Stable Isotope Products for Metabolomics – Product Listing
Metabolomic QC Kit
Credentialed E. coli Cell Extract Kit
13C-Labeled Metabolite Yeast Extract


Frequently Asked Questions 

Why are stable isotopes useful in metabolomics?

When used in conjunction with mass spectrometry, stable isotopes allow for quantitation and identification of metabolites in order to give an overview of the cellular fate of metabolites. Stable isotopes can be used for metabolite profiling and to look at metabolic flux. 

Which products are typically used for metabolomics?

Researchers can use a variety of labeled metabolites including amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids & lipids, etc. Those performing flux analysis, looking at cancer metabolism for example, often use D-Glucose (U-13C6, 99%) (CLM-1396) and L-Glutamine (13C5, 99%) (CLM-1822-H).

One of the bottlenecks with metabolomics is metabolite identification. Are there databases available to the public that allow for metabolite ID?

Yes, there are a few different options. METLIN is a current and comprehensive repository for such metabolites. It includes structures and tandem mass spectrometry data, as well as other pertinent information for metabolite ID. (
The metabolomic processing software associated with METLIN is called XCMS and is available online ( It is designed to read and process LC/MS data to assist with metabolite profiling by identifying changes in endogenous metabolites.

What algal strain is used to create Mixed Triglycerides products?

Agmenelum quadriplicatum

What algal strain is used to create Mixed Fatty Acids products?

Agmenelum quadriplicatum

What algal strain is used to create the Amino Acid Mixes product?

Agmenelum quadriplicatum

What algal strain is the Whole Algal Cells product?

Agmenelum quadriplicatum



Hosios, A.M.; Hecht, V.C.; Danai, L.V. 2016. Amino Acids Rather than Glucose Account for the Majority of Cell Mass in Proliferating Mammalian Cells. Dev Cel, 36(5): 540-549. PMID: 26954548

Krista Backiel

Krista Backiel

Marketing Manager and Metabolomics Manager

Krista Backiel is responsible for managing and promoting products that are utilized in Metabolomics and Clinical/Diagnostic MS. She spends a lot of her time developing new products to assist customers in their diverse research efforts.

Andrew Percy, PhD

Andrew Percy, PhD

Senior Applications Chemist – Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Andrew Percy is the Senior Applications Chemist for Mass Spectrometry. His responsibilities minimally involve overseeing product development, identifying new product market opportunities, assisting in the analysis of products for MS ‘omics applications, and providing technical support to customers.