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Metabolic Research

Metabolomics Mixes and Kits

Metabolomics is an increasingly important and growing area of research. The use of stable isotopes (as internal standards) in combination with mass spectrometry allows researchers to identify and quantify metabolites in a given biological sample. This information is used to understand the physiology of an organism, its response to a drug, a change in its environment, and/or other external stimuli. It is also used to unravel disease mechanisms and to assess putative biomarkers.

Toward such initiatives, we offer a library of stable isotope-labeled standards (spanning a multitude of metabolic classes and pathways) that are available individually and/or as multi-component mixes or kits. These mixes and kits are designed to aid ease of use in untargeted or targeted metabolomics (for quality control, qualification, and/or quantitation). The mixtures are offered neat or as solutions, while the kits are additionally supplied with a user manual. The manuals outline general procedures and processing examples, as well as alternate method suggestions and data analysis guides for user reference.

Amino Acid Mixtures

Amino Acid Mixtures

CIL offers an amino acid mixture for use in standardization in untargeted and/or targeted metabolite quantification experiments. Read more.
Credentialed <i> E. coli </i> Cell Extract Kits

Credentialed E. coli Cell Extract Kits

Using E. coli as a representative complex biological sample, CIL is pleased to offer Credentialed E. coli Cell Extract Kits for untargeted metabolomic developments. Read more.
IROA<sup>®</sup> Biochemical Quantitation Kits

IROA® Biochemical Quantitation Kits

CIL is proud to offer a series of IROA® Biochemical Quantitation Kits for metabolic profiling of various cell populations and biological samples. Read more.
QC Kit

QC Kit

Quality control (QC) of methods and systems is necessary toward the generation of reliable mass spectrometry (MS) data. Read more.
Metabolite Yeast Extracts

Metabolite Yeast Extracts

The yeast extracts -- U-13C (ISO1) and unlabeled (ISO1-UNL) -- are designed for internal standardization (i.e., matrix spike-in) quantitation experiments and for quality control evaluations in untargeted and targeted metabolomics. Read more.