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Biomolecular NMR

In situ Protein Expression

Cell-Free Production of Stable Isotope-Labeled Proteins

  • Cell-Free Production of Stable Isotope-Labeled Proteins
  • In Vitro Protein Synthesis of Perdeuterated Proteins for NMR Studies (Application Note 19)
  • Cell-Free Protein Expression
  • Wheat germ systems for cell-free protein expression.


Cell-Free Protein Expression

CIL offers a wide variety of products for cell-free protein expression. Cell-free protein expression methods offer several advantages over expression using E. coli or other in vivo expression systems. These advantages include increased speed, ability to express toxic proteins, ease of amino acid type selective labeling, and an open system that allows cofactors, chaperones, redox molecules, and detergents to be easily be added to the expression system. Cell-free methods also allow co-expression of multiple proteins and are amenable to automation.

CIL is proud to distribute a wide range of products from CellFree Sciences (CFS). CIL also offers algal-derived amino acid mixes and conveniently packaged sizes of individual crystalline amino acids.

Summary of CFS Products for Cell-Free Expression

Amino Acids for NMR Product Listing

Protein Synthesis Solution - Wheat Germ Cell-Free Protein Expression System

Cell-Free Synthesis of Labeled Proteins for NMR Studies

Protein Synthiesis Services - Wheat Germ Cell-Free Expression System

Premium PLUS Expression Kits - High Performance Wheat Germ Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

CellFree Sciences Co. Product Listing

WEPRO® 8240 Expression Kits - Wheat Germ Extract for Incorporation of 15N and 13C

WEPRO® 7240 Expression Kits and WEPRO® 7240H

Public Clone Resource and Clone Distributors

Xinwen Zhou

Xinwen Zhou

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Xinwen Zhou became the Business Development Director, responsible for the China market in 2015. He is responsible for Identifying and pursuing new opportunities for market expansion, developing the relationship with the key opinion leader in the field, supporting distributors to gain more share from the market, organizing/attending technical conferences to expand CIL's market footprint, building brand recognition in the Chinese market.

Kevin Millis, PhD

Kevin Millis, PhD

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Kevin Millis, PhD, is the Senior Scientist and Market Development Manager for all NMR and Mass Spectrometry product lines. Kevin is responsible for Technical Services both internally and externally for all CIL customers as well as being responsible for the application and market development for the CIL products.