“We have come to depend on CIL to furnish us with high quality reagents during the past few years as our laboratory became interested in the synthesis of a series of isotopically labeled coding agents for quantification in both proteomics and metabolics.”

Dr. Fred E. Regnier | JH Law Distinguished Professor
Department of Chemistry, Purdue University






“I have been a customer of Cambridge Isotope Laboratories for over 25 years and have been very satisfied with the quality of its products, such as D2O, isotope-labeled compounds, etc. CIL is always very eager to help me and my colleagues in choosing the most appropriate materials at the most reasonable prices. It has been a pleasure to work with CIL!”

Dr. Chien Ho | Alumni Professor of Biological Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences | Carnegie Mellon University

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(13C2, 94%; D2, 94%), 100 µg/mL in nonane


(23,24,25,26,27-13C5, 99%)


CIL Management is committed to continually improving and maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality System to deliver high quality products on time that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements.

SILAC AMINO ACIDS -  For a complete list of SILAC Kits and Reagents click here

Catalog No. CLM-2265-H  L-ARGININE:HCL (13C6, 99%)
Catalog No. CNLM-539  L-ARGININE:HCL (13C6, 99%; 15N4, 99%)
Catalog No. CLM-2247 
L-LYSINE:2HCL (13C6, 99%)
Catalog No. CNLM-291  L-LYSINE:2HCL (13C6, 99%; 15N2, 99%)
Catalog No. DLM-2640 
L-LYSINE:2HCL (4,4,5,5-D4, 96-98%)
Catalog No. DLM-2641 
L-LYSINE:2HCL (3,3,4,4,5,5,6,6-D8, 98%)


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Quantitative Glycomics and Proteomics Combined Purification Strategy





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